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oj! Algorithms

oj! Algorithms - ojAlgo - is Open Source Java code that has to do with mathematics, linear algebra and optimisation; particularly (but certainly not exclusively) suitable for the financial domain.

2014-07-30: New Java Matrix Benchmark results

2013-12-05: Released v35

More than 10 years have passed since ojAlgo was registered at SourceForge, and its history dates back further than that.

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All ojAlgo files at SourceForge

ojAlgo change log for the last 10 releases

What is it?

ojAlgo is Open Source Java code that has to do with mathematics, linear algebra and optimisation. ojAlgo really is 100% pure Java source code. There are no calls to native (C or Fortran) libraries. In fact there are no dependencies at all. Nothing besides a Java SDK is needed to compile or execute the code. Its feature set make it particularily suitable for use within the financial domain. Then again, it's just maths...   More...


ojAlgo is an Open Source project. It is available as source code, and every single source code file contain a copyright statement and a license agreement. All files have the same copyright and license. Optimatika holds the copyright, and the license used is the generous and easy to understand MIT license. Please read and comply with the license agreement - it's not hard. More...

Where can I get it?

You get ojAlgo from SourceForge; either as a compiled and packaged download, or as source code directly from CVSMore...

Is it documented?

Well... There is this web site, the JavaDoc. and a couple of wiki pages over at Google Code. More will follow, but the JavaDoc (and source code) will always be the main source of documentation. Improving the documenation will mainly be improving the JavaDoc.  More...

For bug reports, questions or discussions related to ojAlgo; please use the ojAlgo-user mailing list. LogoProject and site sponsored by Optimatika
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