A minor release with big changes for the future:

  • The BasicMatrix interface has been deprecated!!! The various implementations will remain – all of them – but you should use those implementations directly/explicitly. Don’t type anything as BasicMatrix. This version changes nothing, but the idea is that BasicMatrix will be gone or hidden by v47. Bear in mind that there were already, since several versions, a number of deprecations in BasicMatrix (and its implementations), and these will be enforced now. All in all this means big changes for the org.ojalgo.matrix package!
  • Now builds a separate test-jar artefact. It contains a test utilities class that can be used by libraries that extend ojAlgo to help test some ojAlgo specific types. This primarily changes how ojAlgo-finance and ojAlgo-extensions depend on ojAlgo.

Apart from this the main focus for ojAlgo v47 is to enable ojAlgo-finance v2.

Changes and new features for v46 include:

  • New feature: Artificial Neural Network support
  • MIP (IntegerSolver) refactoring and improvements
  • Fixed a bug related to transposing ElementConsumer/Supplier
  • Performance improvements on some SparseStore operations
  • A few other things