“The Demo”

 http://demo.ojalgo.org/ojAlgo, ojAlgo-finance and ojAlgo-extensions Tools for Market Simulation, Portfolio Selection and Risk Management "The Demo" is a financial market simulation tool aimed at private banking and wealth management professionals. It facilitates…

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ojAlgo-extensions v2.47.2

https://github.com/optimatika/ojAlgo-extensions ojAlgo-commons-math3: The Apache Commons Mathematics LibraryojAlgo-cplex: IBM ILOG CPLEX OptimizationojAlgo-gurobi: GUROBI OptimizationojAlgo-joptimizer: JOptimizer OptimizationojAlgo-mosek: MOSEK OptimizationojAlgo-unsafe: sun.misc.Unsafe usage

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ojAlgo v47

The BasicMatrix interface has been removed (hidden). From now on use the various implementations directly: PrimitiveMatrix, ComplexMatrix, RationalMatrix...Complete rewrite of ResourceLocator – essentially an http client now.A collection of minor…

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ojAlgo v45.1.1

A couple of bugs fixed: The getEigenpair(int) method of the Eigenvalue interface threw an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsExceptionA couple of issues related to calculating the nullspace (using QR or SVD) decompositions.Everything "Big" is…

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