ojAlgo v52.0.0 has been released!

It is the first release to require Java 11.


The array package now support “arrays” of any primitive numeric type. In particular support for the integer types byte, short, int and long was added with this release. And that’s supported for all kinds of array – plain Java arrays, buffer based, off-heap memory or memory mapped files. Regardless of which kind of array, or which element type, all works with any/all pre-existing higher-level functionality provided by ojAlgo. An old blog post “Working With Arrays” has been updated to include what’s new in v52:


Downloading historical financial time series data from Yahoo Finance, directly into ojAlgo time series data structures, works again. (Since v50 ojAlgo-finance is again part of the core library, ojAlgo.)

In addition the download functionality is now based on a new “http client” and updated readers/writers/parsers from the org.ojalgo.netio package.

The code examples of a couple of existing blog posts, that demonstrate how to download data and work with time series, have been updated to include what’s new:

In addition to that there are many more additions and changes. Read the complete change log to learn more: