ojAlgo is getting a new web site. It’s not done, but good enough to replace the old one. Contents from the old site as well as the oj! Blog has already been moved here. It’s the intention that contents from any/all wikis at GitHub should also be migrated here. In particular that means the ojAlgo wiki at GitHub. Migrating all the wiki pages is going to take a while, but all code examples are in fact already available.


Everything (generated javadoc, downloadable resources and other things) that used to be under http://ojago.org/generated/ or http://www.ojago.org/generated/ can now be found at http://generated.ojago.org/.

Q: What’s with the underwater images?

A: Every blog post needs a featured image – right? Screenshots of my IDE would be boring, and I have all these underwater photos. Scuba diving and underwater photography has been a hobby of mine for years. Don’t worry! Code snippets and technical charts will be used as needed in the blog posts.